I understand that I am going to complete a registration process in order to join the SA Youth and Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator networks (owned and operated by Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator NPC, registration number 2011/009632/08, hereinafter referred to as “Harambee”). This information is required to help these networks recommend the most relevant learning and earning opportunities to me.


By joining these networks and registering with Harambee, I agree that all information that I give to Harambee (or their affiliates, agents or contractors) or that they find out about me through my registration, their application processes and through my participation in any further services managed by Harambee, can be used or shared by Harambee (with possible employers and in certain instances relevant industry bodies, opportunity holders, agents, contractors, partners or funders) in order to:

  • Secure possible employment, income generation or learning opportunities for me;
  • Allow me to access assessments;
  • Conduct criminal, credit, reference or other related checks on me;
  • Enable Harambee to report to their respective funders, including those in other countries that are required by law, legislation, contract or internal rules to provide a similar level of data protection;
  • Obtain funding for their programmes;
  • Conduct statutory, financial, performance and BBBEE audits;
  • Comply with laws that authorise or require processing of data;
  • Perform research;
  • Promote SA Youth, Harambee or one of their programmes; and
  • Create a database of alumni for learning and research.

I agree that Harambee may collect information about me, including special personal information such as my gender, race, disability, or about activities I am involved in. My responses to these questions will not affect my eligibility to register and will not be used to unfairly discriminate against me. Harambee will store and process my responses to these questions strictly in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (“POPIA”). I also agree that Harambee may link the information I provide with background check information provided by a third-party.

I agree that, as part of the process of supporting me to find successful matches with potential employers, after I have been matched with an employer Harambee may collect information about me, such as my performance, from the new employer. In order to provide their service, Harambee may also need to collect information from third parties and I agree that Harambee may contact these third parties either directly or indirectly (through a process I facilitate) and I consent to Harambee collecting my personal information from them.

I agree that Harambee may keep my personal information on file. They will only do so for as long as it is reasonably needed unless required by law or contractual obligation. 

I agree that my personal information may be stored on servers located outside South Africa, but that Harambee will ensure that the holders of that information are bound by a law, binding corporate rules or binding agreement which provides an adequate level of protection similar or higher than that in South Africa. I also agree that my information may be shared for reporting purposes with Harambee’s funders that operate in other countries, who will also be bound to provide an adequate level of protection of my information.

I agree that, from time to time, Harambee may contact me to ask me about my situation - regardless of whether I am accepted into the Harambee or SA Youth process or not. The purpose of this is for Harambee to understand how to improve the work that they are doing. I also agree that Harambee may contact me about related opportunities or campaigns they are running, including through the use of push notifications, calls, WhatsApps and SMSs.

I agree that Harambee’s website and the SA Youth Mobi-site may make use of ‘cookies,’ a small piece of data that is stored on the user’s device by the web browser while browsing a website in order to make the experience of visiting and navigating through the website easier and more pleasant, and which may collect personal information such as the identity of my computer or mobile device and my location. By using Harambee’s website and the SA Youth Mobi-site, I consent to cookies being installed on my device.


I understand that as part of the process I could undergo online, face to face or telephonic assessments at various points in my journey and at all times I am required to act with honesty and take these assessments by myself without lying, cheating, or using answers that are not my own. I am responsible for the truth and accuracy of the information I provide, and I confirm that I am legally allowed to work and study in South Africa. If I am dishonest this will result in my results being invalid and I will be removed from the Harambee and SA Youth process.


I understand that:

  • Harambee will take all practical measures to protect the security and integrity of my personal information and to ensure that the information is safe. I understand that it is also my responsibility to protect my personal information by safeguarding my password, not writing it down or sharing it with anyone else, and protecting myself from phishing. Phishing is a when a cyber-attacker sends a fraudulent message or e-mail with the intention of tricking someone into revealing their personal information. I understand that Harambee is not responsible for any damages or harm I may suffer if unauthorized people access my account through no fault of Harambee;
  • I have the right to be notified that my personal information is being collected or that it has been accessed or acquired by an unauthorized person;
  • I have the right to know whether Harambee holds my personal information, and to access and to correct my personal information collected as well as to ask for it to be deleted;
  • I have the right to object at any time to the processing of my personal information, in which case, the consequences of not having my information processed will be explained to me;
  • I have the right to object to the processing of my personal information for purposes of direct marketing, including by way of unsolicited communications;
  • I have the right not to be subject, in certain circumstances, to a decision which is based solely on the automated processing of personal information;
  • I have the right to submit a complaint to the Regulator if I believe that my personal information has not been protected or processed in accordance with the law, or if I believe that an independent adjudicator who may be resolving my complaint has not decided the matter correctly;
  • Where Harambee outsources the processing of my personal information to a third-party operator, they will ensure that the operator processes and protects my personal information using reasonable technical and organizational measures;
  • Where available, Harambee may use my 13-digit ID number as my username to enable me to access the SA Youth Mobi-site; and
  • If I need to reset my password Harambee may use my 13-digit ID number and my cellphone number to verify my identity;

The address that I provide to Harambee may be verified using Google Maps features and content, which is subject to the Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy


By registering with Harambee I undertake to engage with Harambee and Harambee’s partner organisations respectfully and in a spirit of co-operation and

in a way that seeks to promote and protect Harambee’s relationship with its partner organisations.


By registering with Harambee, I acknowledge that Harambee and its partner organisations:

  • are not responsible (and I absolve and indemnify them) for any loss or damage of whatever nature which I, or any other person associated with me who accesses, uses or relies on Harambee’s services, may suffer unless there is gross negligence; and
  • acknowledge, without limiting the above, that:
  • Harambee cannot guarantee that I will be interviewed by or granted an earning or learning opportunity with a partner organisation to which I have applied to; and
  • Harambee and its partner organisations are not liable for mistakes made in the registration, matching, application and the interviewing processes, whether these mistakes are because of human error or technical elements.


These terms may change from time to time. When Harambee does so, the changes will be made on the Harambee website or on the SA Youth Mobi-site itself. I agree that I will visit the Harambee website or the Mobi-site to regularly read the terms. Although Harambee does not promise to do so, they may provide notice of any changes. 


The terms and conditions relating to any services offered by SA Youth or Harambee will at all times be solely and exclusively governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa.


I have read, understood and expressly agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. I am aware that no expectation of employment or future employment is created and that I shall not hold SA Youth, Harambee and/or any employers responsible for the outcome of my application.


If you have questions about these terms and conditions, would like to request access to, corrections, or deletions of your information, or would like to stop receiving communications from Harambee please contact Harambee at support@sayouth.org.za or 0800 72 72 72