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Frequently Asked Questions

Add all your education and training, even if you are still busy or didn’t complete.

  • High school (Grades 9, 10, 11 and Matric)
  • Non-accredited certificates (Certificates of completion, online courses, workshops, etc.)
  • Accredited certificates (Trade certificates, short courses, online courses, etc.)
  • Diplomas and degrees

Is this the first time you are using

The first time you use it is possible that approximately 1 to 5mb of data. 5mb of data is about the amount of data you need to download 1 song. The reason why this happens, is there are some information and images we need to load and store on your device. This will only happen the first time, and from then on, the site is data free.

Are there any other apps or websites on your phone?

If YES - Please close them all down and then try again. They may be using your data. Even when some apps are closed, they can still use data in the background depending on the settings. For example, if you get a like on Instagram, or if you get a message on WhatsApp, these are using your data – even when you don’t have them open. The same will be true for any app where you receive notifications .

If you want to stop all apps from using data in the background, even when they are closed, then you need to get to the settings for each app (one by one) and turn off the setting which allows data to be used in the background.

If NO - There are some job or learning opportunities that take you to other sites. If you leave then you may have to use your data on those other websites. We will let you know when this happens so you are aware before you go to a specific job or learning opportunity if that site will use your data.

Sometimes the networks (MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, Telkom, Virgin) need you to have some data on your phone to access sites like ours that are zero rated. So if you have no data on your phone you might not be able to open

Using will NOT use any data.

Whether you are using MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, Telkom, or Virgin they are all zero rating

This means that you will use NO data on There are some job or learning opportunities that take you to other sites. If you leave then you may have to use your data on those other websites. We will let you know when this happens so you are aware before you go to a specific job or learning opportunity if that site will use your data.

You may be receiving calls from our friendly support staff, called Guides, who are here to help you on your journey. This is a free service where you can talk to someone and get help. Some of the things our Guides can help you with are:

  • Applying for jobs
  • Interview tips
  • Finding ways to make money
  • Keeping you motivated
  • Updating your profile information and contact details
  • Resetting your password
  • Learning more about posts from our social media pages
  • Recommendations for services from our partners and other organisations

If you are waiting to hear back from job applications, our Guides can be a friendly ear to support you on your journey. 

Save this number in your phone so you know when we are trying to reach you: 0800 72 72 72

Remember you can call us for free and our Guides are excited to hear from you!

Our goal is to help you find and apply to as many jobs or opportunities as possible, but we are not owners of the opportunities you see on our site. 

We rely on the employers themselves to give you feedback. Employers could SMS, email or phone you, so please make sure that your contact details on your profile are up to date, keep your phone on, and check your email regularly.

When you apply for an opportunity note down the reference number and employer so you know who may contact you. You can also contact the company that you applied for directly if you need to.

If the closing date of the opportunity has passed or it's been more than a month and you haven't heard back from the potential employer then keep applying to other opportunities. 

The more opportunities that you apply for, the higher your chances for success.

When organisations work with us and put their jobs directly on our mobi site, we call them partners. Our partners go through a vetting process before they can offer jobs to you. 

You can find 'Partner Opportunities' by looking out for this badge:

If a job or opportunity doesn't have this badge, then it comes from another job site. We show you opportunities from other sites because we believe having many jobs available in one place as we can to help you on your job seeking journey. 

Sometimes our partners also store these opportunities on their own job sites, and in these sites will use your data, but opportunities that you apply for on our site will always be data free.

It's important to complete and keep your profile up to date:

  • Potential employers see your profile and use it to make decisions on who to hire, just like a CV. If there is missing information you might miss out on an opportunity. If your contact details and address are not up to date employers will not be able to contact you, or will not know that you live close to their opportunity.
  • We use your profile information to recommend the jobs that are best suited for you. These are the jobs that appear on your 'home' page. If your profile is not complete these jobs will not be a good match for you.

It's a good habit to regularly update your work seeking profiles and CV, so practice this skill right here on our site. Look out for SMSs and on screen messages to remind you to do this.

We always keeps your information safe.

When employers put jobs directly on our site you can find and apply for these jobs data free, but we also show you opportunities from different job sites that are not data free. Don't worry, we will always tell you when are about to leave our site for a job site that will use your data.

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